Initial FREE trial

This option allows you to test the entire PIPE Platform and Lab to IPO Pathway, QED process and PIPE General Fund for up to 3 x ideas or innovations from any sector or background (STEM, AHSS etc) and any development level (<TRL1/>TRL1) disclosed to the platform within 1-month of registering.  To register and disclose your projects:

Option 1 (minimum 6-month commitment)

This option is equivalent to at least one full time technology transfer office (TTO) or commercial team.  It provides the ability to Disclose & Validate an unlimited number of ideas and innovations at any time and to receive a full ‘go/no go’ report for every project disclosed within 45-days.

The Disclosure & Validation report covers:

  • Introduction
  • Main findings
  • Recommendations
  • Quality of disclosure
  • Technology opinion
  • Value Proposition
  • Impact
  • Momentum
  • Overall opinion of the disclosure
  • Appendix A – Contents of disclosure document
  • Appendix B – Details of reviews and scores
  • Appendix C – Statistics
This option suits those universities who either have no formal TTO or commercial team function, but would like access to tools and systems that help making commercial decisions easier and/or a busy TTO and commercial team who have limited time and bandwidth to appraise and progress ALL current disclosures.

For further details or to discuss this option, please contact us:

Option 2 - (minimum 12-month commitment)

This option represents a full-service offer where ALL projects can be actively disclosed and validated, evaluated, launched, funded and listed on the PIPExchange to secure long term and patient capital and is, in effect, a virtual TTO or commercial team.

If you have no TTO or commercial team and/or you have a very busy office, this option will allow you to increase the throughput of ideas and innovations significantly, using standard processes and methodologies and supported by a dedicated PIPE account manager who will liaise with the university, researchers and project leads to find, form and fund projects on your behalf.

For further information on this option, please contact us:

Option 3

This option allows any university, TTO or commercial team to take advantage of, and benefit from, the PIPE Platform, Lab to IPO Pathway and PIPE General Fund as outlined above in Option 2 above.

However, we at PIPE recognise that university budgets are often under pressure and that funds for technology transfer or supporting the commercialisation and knowledge exchange process can be hard to find.  Therefore, PIPE will subsidise the cost of each idea and innovation to progress through the process and accrue that cost against successful projects that secure funding.  

At the point of investment, PIPE will take an equity position commensurate with costs incurred in Option 2, equal to c.£96,000 over a 12-month period, against EVERY project that reaches the funding stage.  Alternatively, the host university and/or founding team can acquire a portion of that accrued equity (in full or in part) to receive an equal and fair share in the future venture, whether that is a spin-out, licence or joint venture.

For further details on this option, please contact us: