About us

The PIPE Platform provides an end-to-end Lab to IPO Pathway for the validation and commercialisation of university R&D/IP. The PIPE approach involves not only advanced, secure, stage-gated systems, but also highly experienced and capable people. Our associates and investor partners support the PIPE to ensure the very best outcomes for university projects and their founders.


“To grow the unique potential of academic R&D through a purposeful and committed process that helps to develop world class businesses of the future”


“To support viable innovation and the aspiration of academics with a simplified approach to funding via the revolutionary PIPE platform”


“To embrace openness & honesty with our employees and customers in a fair and balanced way”

Robert Steele - CEO

Interim Chair

Peter Carlile - COO

Chief Operating Officer

Andrew Flack - CITO

Chief Information & Technology Officer

Geoff Archer - NED

Non-Executive Director