PIPE Platform & Lab to IPO Pathway

Designed specifically for University TTOs and Commercial Teams

Standard tools, processes and methods
Supports effective, consistent decision making and reporting
Easy to use, low cost and effective

Disclose & Validate

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A new user can easily Join Us at no cost and register as a researcher, academic, associate, investor or observer.  This is the first step onto the PIPE Platform and the start of the Lab to IPO Pathway.

Once a user has Joined Us and becomes a registered user, they can disclose & validate a project, join others in validating projects to form disclosure teams and engage in the PIPE Lab to IPO Pathway process.

The project owners receive a report detailing the projects viability based on empirical input from experts and investors and those who wish to engage in moving the project forward, as well as IP/conflict status and commercial rationale.

The PIPE key stages

Evaluate, Launch & Fund


Once a project has been successfully disclosed and validated, it progresses to formal evaluation.  This Evaluation stage takes the project up to TRL 4 and includes the PIPE Lab to IPO Pathway elements of solution readiness for market (SRM), taking the project to SRM 3, proposition readiness for investment (PRI 1) & business operational readiness (BOR 1).


Following the formal evaluation stage the project can now be considered for a formal launch.  This stage moves the project to TRL 6, SRM 6, PRI 6 and BOR 4 and formulates the proposed management team, structure, financial, technical and operational roadmaps.  The project is well evolved with clear plans and direction of travel and an evolving management and support team.


This is the final stage and moves the project to SRM 7, PRI 9 and BOR 9.  The TRL level remains at TRL 6 as the further development of TRL can not be achieved without a commercial plan and investment.  At this stage a full business plan including all financials, management team and key goals are clearly understood and the level, timing and type of investment required is documented.  The project is now ready to secure its investment.

Maintains security at all times

An idea/innovation that comes on to the PIPE platform does NOT disclose the ‘inventive step’.  Instead the IP is moved to a digital vault and protected within a dynamic non-fungible token (NFT) structure.  This allows for a facsimile of the underlying IP to be created that can be reviewed at arm’s length, in the same way that due diligence is carried out in M&A processes. This secures the IP for future patent AND allows IP to evolve commercially…at the same time.

This means that the TTO or commercial team does NOT need to rush to protect IP and/or patent BEFORE understanding the commercial value or preventing the researcher/academic from publishing within a reasonable timeframe, and activities can instead progress down both blue and green paths, as shown here.

Supported by PIPE Associates who are experts in specific technical fields, business and finance


PIPE Associates have domain, technical, business and finance experience and skills relevant to the project’s core requirements and provide their time and expertise through the PIPE platform to help define and deliver the projects overall success.  

Associates can work with more than one project, build a portfolio career and support our early-stage academic teams to deliver.

PIPE Associates are:
  • Certified, security cleared and under NDA
  • Highly experienced and committed 
  • Able to join your team in senior roles
  • Rewarded by PIPE through equity
  • Provide empirical evidence & guidance
  • Trusted